Birthdays in the family


02021917Amy Holtman

02071909Phil Orkin









09211917Mark Orkin

10081939Our wedding anniversary

11051969Ben Anderson



I have spent considerable time on the arduous task of assembling family genealogies, starting with my paternal grandfather. Our fertility was not particularly high, but so far there are over 300 names of descendants plus spouses. While I did considerable work let no one think that the outcome given below was my sole accomplishment. I found a surprising number of family members who had had the same idea, and they followed it up to a certain point. So what the charts below present is a kind of patch work, made by integrating the several partial genealogies kindly made available to me, along with some gaps filled by myself with persistent telephoning.

I should at this point acknowledge the work of those who contributed, except that I kept no records, and neither did those from whom they borrowed. The only acknowledgement I can make is to my brother Irving, among whose papers when he died was a hand drawn genealogy of 30 or so names. It is out of that that the present voluminous material has grown, What the computer added was a systematic means of recording.

Where I did not know the name I wrote "son" or "daughter" or "wife". If you can fill such blanks or make other improvements I will be grateful. Please tell me.

Descendants of Nathan Keyfitz (1835-1912) and Rivka Isaacson