holidays. everyone knows chris loves halloween. gen.

you can call me selfish. justin can't sleep. gen.

christyna. chris as a 12-year-old. girl. chris/justin, chris/jc.

42 1/2. chris is santa's helper. joey/lance.

for thee. it's stupid. justin's sure of it. jc/justin, chris/justin.

bugs in a rug. chris and justin are in love. chris/justin.

foot massage. it's all in chris' hands. chris/justin.

iowa. jc wants to explore. gsf.

here we go. chris isn't drunk. chris/jc.

chameleon. everything changes. chris/justin, jc/lance.

     the superfriends.
          the accident. jc wants a superpower too. gen.
          the compound. getting accustomed to their powers. pre-slash chris/justin and very, very pre-slash gsf.

das märchen. fairy tales are wrong. chris/justin

the iliad. just exactly what it sounds like. justin/lance, aj/brian.

intervention. aj needs his brothers. gen.

total indulgence. nick is a daddy! wip.

shoop shoop. kevin is divorced. and, apparently, female. kevin/nick.
with director's commentary

and the painted ponies go up and down. the nick epic. brian/nick, justin/nick, mandy/nick, aj/nick, kevin/nick.

i wanna be with you aj waits and wishes. aj/kevin.

cigarettes and paperback poetry kings kevin always knew when he was tempted. aj/kevin gen.

first day back did I mention they're BACK? GSF gen.

buddy fuck. practically pwp. nick/wade, chris/wade.

old times. brit and justin yenta. jc/tony.

the real slim shady. big!gay!eminem! eminem/lance
     and baby makes three.

candle on the water. chris guides her home. brit/eminem, brit/chris.

a secret chord. it's not just a summer thing. justin/kevin.

the saga of godboy and the freak. chris is a stalker, and brian is hot. brian/chris, aj/jc, justin/nick.

perfect. brit's been living the lie so long, she forgets it isn't true. brit/justin, aj/brit.

in 3/4 time. a different kind of dancing. brit/justin, brit kevin.

roman candles. nick really loves disneyworld. joey/nick.

we loved each other well. domestic and schmoopy secret!backstreet!hetship! brit/kevin.

growing up. kevin is a grown-up, but not old. justin/kevin

birdhouse in your soul. aj is chris' nightlight. aj/chris

spring cleaning. he forgets them all but he'll never grow up. brit/chris, brit/kevin.

galatea. "goddess," he called her. brit/justin.

untitled (for cecilia). jc *isn't* a girl. chris/jc.

sunburn. weeklong orgies are fun! jc/justin
     prequel: chirp.
     sequel: caveman.

for the boy who has everything. i bring you pillows. chris/jc.

pedestal. love is different this time around. joey/justin.

artificially flavored. lip balm strikes back. jc/joey

thaw. stuck in the snow. chris/justin.

chris kirkpatrick: private eye. chris lives for lance. chris/lance.

a day in the life of justin and jc (fruit sold seperately). jc paints; justin plots. jc/justin

the dream. jc has a nightmare. jc/joey

the meaning of life
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